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When we lived in Russia many years ago, we rented some rooms in a dacha, an old wooden house in a village outside Moscow. We would spend weekends there, doing what you do at the dacha —  helping our Russian landlords harvest their apples and berries, taking walks in the forest, having long leisurely meals outside and, whenever possible, reading a book or falling asleep in the shade.

It all made perfect sense, until the weekend we invited along a friend, an intelligent and accomplished American journalist.  After lunch, when we settled onto our lawn chairs to do little more than digest our food, he bounced around nervously.

“What do we do now?” he asked.

“We do this,” I said, stretching my legs out and closing my eyes.

“I brought travel Scrabble,” he said. “Or should we play cards?”

At the time, I found it odd that our friend did not know how to do nothing. Looking back on it now,  I think my jittery friend was just ahead of his time. (more…)

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